Panzer General II

Panzer General II. Also known as PG2, PzG2 ... etc..

Scale[edit | edit source]

The geographical scale appears to vary from 1.0km to 2.0km per hex, depending on the scenario being played. The majority of scenarios average about 1.5km per hex.

Although the game’s designers claim that the units represent battalions, this does not always appear to be accurate. Rather, the scenarios appear more in scale with the historical battles if the units are considered to be regiments/brigades, with the exception of reconnaissance units (and perhaps some anti-aircraft units), which would remain battalions.

According to the unit designations, units appear in battalion as well as regiment sizes (or as battalions and brigades for Great Britain and the Commonwealth, a British brigade being roughly equivalent to a regiment in other armies). In most cases, regiments are used, with the addition of battalions that were directly subordinate to division HQ, such as divisional engineer battalions.

Using the Race to Dunkirk scenario, for example, on the German side there are from north to south: Two tank units designated "1/1", meaning Panzerregiment 1 (Pz.R. 1), and "2/1" Panzerregiment 2 (Pz.R. 2), an artillery unit "73/1" (Artillerieregiment 73(mot.)) These units are regiments and part of 1st Panzerdivision. Next there's a unit labeled "37/-/1", meaning Panzerpionierbataillon 37 (Armored Engineer Battalion 37/ not part of a regiment directly assigned to 1st Armored Division).

These designations aren't always consistent. For example, further to the south there's an artillery unit "29". This should be more correctly labeled as "29/29", meaning Artillerieregiment 29(mot.) of the 29th Motorized Infantry Division.

In later scanarios, regiments are sometimes split into their constituent battalions, such as 1/100/21 and 2/100/21, meaning I. and II. Abteilung* of Panzerregiment 100 of 21st Panzerdisvision. In these cases, the unit strenght is normally limited to 5.

In the Wehrmacht, combat arms that traced their ancestry to the cavalry and artillery, such as tank, armored car, assault gun, antitank and AA units used "Abteilung" instead of "Bataillon.

The aircraft units would be viewed as squadrons.

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