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Panzer General II does not work on Windows 7 Home Premium with an AMD Phenom II 820 Quad-Core Processor(This is incorrectly, as it's problem had nothing to do with AMD processor. Case in point, Panzer Genral II work on mine phenom II X4 955processor windows 7 Home). It was designed on Windows 95 using C++ and it works on Windows 95, XP, and Vista. (The AMD processor may not have anything to do with PGII's not working. It's my first AMD processor.)

If Panzer General II does not work on Windows 7 Professional, try downloading and installing from Microsoft, XP mode and Virtual PC (not Virtual PC 2007). More simplest way to make Panzer General II working in Windows 7(and Quad-core) is to adjust your display resolution to lowest possible setting(800x600 works for me) then change monitor color setting to 16-bit(If game color is mixed-up, just restart the game). For now, I cannot mothball my XP and Vista computers yet.
Panzer General II

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